How Arush Agarwal, Founder of Lawlevelup, Is Building India’s Premier Online Legal Education Company

How to build a thriving online legal education platform? Arush Agarwal’s journey with Lawlevelup started from humble beginnings with a legal blog that he started as side gig. Today, Lawlevel up has helped 15,000+ learners in the legal domain and become a 7-figure coaching business in the process.

His journey as the founder of Lawlevelup is a testament to innovation, determination, and smart strategy in the realm of online legal education in India. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Arush transformed his initial blog into a successful online education platform and achieved remarkable revenue growth, all while enhancing legal education through technology.


15000+ Learners | 7 Figure Coaching Business | Success Strategy: Multiple UPSELLS, CROSS-SELLS & Webinar FUNNELS

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The Beginnings: From a Blog to a Business

“I started with this website, a blog. I was in the third year of my college and we were just trying to put out our views. There must be many articles that are written by me here. And then we started to monetize it.”

Arush Agarwal's Blog

Arush’s entrepreneurial journey began in his college where he started writing on his blog, Initially a platform for sharing legal views, the blog laid the foundation for what would become Lawlevelup. Facing the challenge of monetizing and expanding his vision, Arush identified the need for a Learning Management System (LMS) and reliable web hosting. His search for affordable, efficient solutions led him to Knorish since it offered the best deal for him by not taking a revenue percentage. This crucial decision allowed Arush to focus on product quality and customer acquisition without the burden of excessive costs.

“I came across a problem that building a course website requires you to have an LMS (Learning Management System) and to buy a Learning Management System you have to pay a lot. Then you have to develop that Learning Management System. After that, you need servers to basically run the website. So I went out and searched for a few brands who were doing white labeling and Knorish was the most fair deal because they were not taking any revenue percentage. My biggest pain point was companies taking my revenue percentage from my hard work. This revenue share initially might seem small amount but as the business would grow, I knew I would pay 10 times more than a fixed subscription fee with Knorish”

Today, Arush is on a mission to help aspiring law students and professionals overcome the challenges of learning what it takes to become a successful legal professional through his online legal education company, Lawlevelup

Since 2023, over 15,000 students have gone through his webinars and online programs and Arush is on track to build an 8 Figure Coaching business. Here’s how he did it:

Leveraging High Traffic Law Blogs

Understanding the importance of visibility and reach, Arush strategically partnered with high-traffic law domain blogs such as LawBhoomi. This approach wasn’t just about getting the word out; it was a cost-effective method to drive sales and profitability. 

Arush Agarwal's Course Ads on

By positioning his offerings on platforms already frequented by his target audience, Arush ensured Lawlevelup gained immediate attention.

In order to create a win-win strategy, Arush initially paid a listing fee to the blog. Over time, as his relationship with the blog’s founding team strengthened, together they decided to shift to a revenue-sharing model. 

This not only minimized Arush’s risks but also increased profits for both parties. The beauty of this strategy was that it created a symbiotic relationship where the success of one directly influenced the success of the other. 

His clever use of the revenue-sharing model was then extended to other smaller blogs in the domain. He presented a compelling case to these platforms, showing them the benefits of a revenue-sharing arrangement. 

This strategy allowed him to create a network of affiliates, all working towards promoting Lawlevelup, without the need for upfront marketing costs.

The high-traffic blogs acted not just as advertising platforms but as sources of credible leads. Prospective students and professionals, already engaged with the content of these blogs, were more likely to be interested in the courses offered by Lawlevelup.

This approach helped Arush in tapping into an audience that was already educated about the legal field and was seeking further knowledge, thereby ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Differentiated Program Offerings

Webinar page on AI Workshop for law students and lawyers

Instead of offering similar law education programs and competing around lowest pricing, Arush then introduced a paid webinar on Legal Drafting with AI, using the Knorish funnel builder. He set the price at INR 499 (approx. $6) for a 1.5-hour session, making it both affordable and valuable for students and professionals. By choosing a price that people were happy to pay, Arush made sure the webinar was both popular and profitable. 

The webinar topic has since become a cornerstone of his business, attracting high-quality leads and enabling easy upselling of his other courses. It was a brilliant move, leveraging a hot topic to draw in an engaged audience.

Post the webinar, Arush introduces participants to other Lawlevelup courses that match their legal interests. This strategy goes beyond just selling courses; it helps build a strong, ongoing relationship with students. By keeping in touch through regular emails and messages, sharing valuable resources and updates, Arush maintains high student engagement and interest. This approach demonstrates how a creative, student-focused strategy can drive success in online education.

Building Credibility With Expert Partnerships

Lawlevelup's page on arbitration course

To enhance the credibility of his courses, Arush reached out in his network and established partnerships with renowned law experts from premier firms such as Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Saraf And Partners, Khaitan & Co., and others. 

By collaborating with respected legal professionals and faculties from top law institutions, he was able to infuse his course content with real-world insights and expertise. 

These alliances not only brought a wealth of knowledge to his courses but also significantly bolstered the trust and confidence of students in Lawlevelup. This strategic move demonstrated Arush’s commitment to providing high-quality, credible legal education, and it played a crucial role in distinguishing his offerings in the competitive online legal education space.

Community Building for Sustainable Growth

Recognizing that sustainable growth requires more than one-time sales, Arush has always focused on fostering a community around his platform. 

One key aspect of community building is constant engagement. Arush utilizes various channels like WhatsApp, email newsletters, and free webinars to provide value to his audience even beyond course offerings. By sharing insights, updates, and resources regularly, he keeps learners connected and invested in their legal education journey.

Moreover, Arush creates opportunities for networking and collaboration through live sessions, discussion forums, and peer-to-peer learning groups. This sense of belonging fosters a supportive environment where students can learn from each other’s experiences and challenges.

Another crucial element of community building is continuous feedback and improvement. As such, Arush has actively sought input from his students to understand their needs better and enhance the learning experience. This feedback has been crucial for the academy to launch new programs that the community needs.

In Conclusion

Arush Agarwal’s journey with Lawlevelup is an inspiring testament to the power of innovation and community in online education. From a college student with a blog to the founder of India’s premier legal education platform, Arush has shown remarkable vision and determination. By partnering with high-traffic law blogs, collaborating with renowned experts, and fostering a supportive learning community, he has transformed Lawlevelup into a hub for aspiring legal professionals. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for education, Arush is shaping the future of legal learning, one student at a time.

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