From the Boardroom to the Virtual Classroom: Ashish Chawla’s Journey of Enlightening Minds

Ashish Chawla’s Academy combines behavioural science and coaching to help people grow and develop their talents.

About Jam With Ashish

     1700+ Students Trained       INR 10,000 Avg Course Price  2 Courses 

Meet Ashish Chawla. He was at the helm of global firms like KPMG. But he always wondered how our brains make decisions. So, he began studying it himself. This led to his own coaching business. Ashish coaches people about how our brains think and decode.

Before coaching, Ashish helped start an e-commerce business in India. They raised a whopping INR 400 crores. In 2014, his love for storytelling founded Ahsomeness. He crafts great content for big brands there. Now, Ashish runs both ventures side-by-side – coaching online and creating content at Ahsomeness.

Achieve Work-Life-Passion Balance

Ashish’s venture into online business was quite a ride. He jumped into new territory, learning everything from customer psychology to digital marketing.

But amidst all this, Ashish had three cards up his sleeve. First, his passion, the crossroad of his love and talent. Second, his daring spirit to take smart risks. And third was his problem-solving mindset, viewing challenges as puzzles.’Jam with Ashish’ isn’t about teaching music, but it is about Ashish’s unique blend of his passion and profession. “Automate your coaching, get more time for your passion,” he suggests. And guess what? He thinks it’s a win-win for all course creators out there! Automate, and find more time for what you love. Online coaching shines for several reasons:

  1. It’s straightforward to set up and scale.
  2. There’s no need for a physical space.
  3. You can reach out and connect with learners whenever, wherever.

How Knorish helped Ashish grow his coaching business?

Ashish was ready to create an impact when he discovered Knorish, an online platform that aids coaches to develop and expand their courses. Fast forward to today, his academy Jam With Ashish offers two courses. “The 7- Mind Traps” and “Logic of Thinking.” These courses dig deep into behavioral sciences. They show how to feed your mind with logical reasoning. Who benefits from these courses? Professionals at any career stage. They learn to shape their decision-making skills. 

“Knorish Automation Tools Are Super Easy To Use and Powerful!

Ashish Chawla

Founder, Jam With Ashish

Ashish researched several platforms thoroughly from every angle. But Knorish? It stood out. In a recent interview, he shared his surprise at how well Knorish was tuned to a creator’s journey. 

The user interface, integrations, and even the pricing – everything was just mind blowing.

“I had a clear vision for my courses. 

They needed to be engaging, interactive, and not just one-way conversations. With Knorish, I created a blend of recorded and live sessions. This gave me confidence that my course was well-rounded, with no loose ends,” shares Ashish.

He swears by a 360-degree approach to sales & growth. And his big tip? Keep creating authentic content, consistently. That, according to him, is the real game changer.

Ashish’s Hybrid Virtual Coaching Model

So, what is the hybrid coaching model?

Best of both worlds! It blends virtual and in-person interactions. Ashish’s advanced online course brings you a hybrid coaching model. Here’s how it works: You start with a recorded version format, diving into the content at your own pace. 

Then, Ashish personally guides you through one-on-one sessions, offering individual attention. And that’s not all – he also hosts live sessions for interactive discussions besides his WhatsApp community. It’s the perfect blend of flexibility and personalized support in one course.

Sparkling New Feature* Course Funnel

Ashish’s course scaling journey is about to soar with the newly launched Course Funnels feature on Knorish. This powerful tool will effortlessly optimize conversions and drive sales. By creating a structured sales funnel and using strategic upselling, Ashish aims to maximize revenue potential.

With Course Funnels, he can expect to reach a wider audience, effectively promote his courses, and take his coaching business to new heights. With a bright future ahead, Ashish is on a mission to inspire and empower individuals to unlock their full potential. Join him on this transformative journey and discover the possibilities that lie within.

Final Thoughts

Ashish has a message for the new wave of coaches: leave your mark on the digital world. Always be on the hunt for fresh ways to grow. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, so keep exploring. Be bold, be creative, and the digital landscape will be your playground.
Want to delve into the science of decision-making? Ashish’s courses have got you covered. Join a community of self-development enthusiasts and start your journey of Self-discovery at Ashish’s academy. But hey, if you’re a coach aiming to scale up, Knorish is the platform you need. Head over to and unlock the power of Knorish to bring your coaching dreams to life.

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