How a Singapore based performing arts academy is helping celebrities launch courses?

How Creative Mentor is helping celebrities launch courses?

Creative Mentor develops online courses with celebrities and helps young people worldwide follow their passion & talent. Its instructors included some of the most iconic names, such as Grammy Award Winner Lady V (Victoria Horn), legendary author Shobhaa De, Noted violinist Dr. L Subramaniam, and Actor, Writer, Screenwriter, and Film director Rajat Kapoor, amongst others.

About Creative Mentor
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Creative Mentor has built a name for itself by bringing live virtual classes with celebrities. The academy has been featured in various online publications, including MSN, the Indian diaspora platform – Connected to India, and other social media platforms.


Creative Mentor’s Co-Founder, Shweta Asnani, has a background in fashion design with a degree from The Fashion Institute (FIT) New York. She moved to Singapore, Hong Kong, more than ten years ago when the market was entirely different and had only a few opportunities for her as a designer.



Shweta Asnani, Founder – Creative Mentor

Shweta worked at GAP for a year, but her creative side still wanted to do more. Teamwork was a company she knew from Delhi, and she partnered with them to open the Singapore market in 2001. Shweta and Teamwork have produced many festivals, including the Asian celebration of First Films, Out of the box, and Celebrating India In Singapore.

Since 2002, they have been working with Esplanade to help produce Kala Utsavam. Over the years, they have brought in many exciting, Different acts for Singapore audiences at a larger scale, including Indian Ocean, Strings, an evening with Gulzar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shahrukh Khan Live, plays Like Dance like a Man, Blue Mug, 12th Night, Hamlet, Flowers, and many more among others.

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The Mission – Promoting Talent through Online Coaching

Having worked since she was 19, her work has been the most important gift and a blessed opportunity. With Creative Mentor, Shweta aims to bridge the gap between learning and experience and give people access to stalwarts of the art world.

Here’s how the transition from offline to online happened

This serial entrepreneur has touched the lives of thousands of art connoisseurs in the last decade.

“After 20 years of experience in the world of arts, curating and working with artists, I thought let’s create a stage where these artists and legends can teach, give back, collaborate, and help others grow,” she told Connected to India.

“The idea of launching Creative Mentor is to bring people together digitally and create a platform where passion and education meet experience. Borders have closed on us, but the digital world has wholeheartedly broken the barriers, crossed those boundaries, and given us unprecedented access and opportunity,” Shweta added.

Bringing Celebrities Together To Launch Courses

Creative Mentor was launched with three courses: ‘Art of Acting with Lilette Dubey,’ ‘Stand-up Comedy with Kumar,’ and ‘ Songwriting with Victoria Horn (Lady V).’

Shweta says, “We spend a lot of time understanding what our target audience wants to learn as we have onboard known national & international names. These renowned mentors bring decades of pure artistic talent & experience to the table.”

Besides local learners and art connoisseurs, Creative Mentor taps into a global audience, the one major blessing of creating your online course are that online education is for everyone, any time and anywhere.

Considering that it is no longer enough to develop a relevant curriculum, Creative Mentor pays attention to collaboration & high-quality time spent on researching & putting together the learning material.

  • Each course runs for 4-10 hours
  • Divided into 3-4 sessions
  • Comprises of live workshops, doubt-solving sessions
  • Plus plenty of practice tips by the Maestros

A typical course session may look like this which is pure interaction-based learning.  

Users who opt for the courses are also treated to exclusive critique & feedback sessions on their submissions.


Initial Experience with Launching an Online Academy 

When choosing a platform for her celebrity endorsements, Shweta focused on a highly competitive platform. She was regularly complimented by her clients and her audience for her choice.

It’s easier to sell a course to your audience when you know your expertise on your chosen topic will be delivered as efficiently as you created it. The problem was that they were never coding experts & new to the online course ecosystem.

Using the platform was intuitive and easy. As the Team Creative Mentor says, “Things were easy to accomplish with Knorish. But the amazing support that Team Knorish has was the icing on the cake.”

How did Creative Mentor manage its success? 

Here are four learnings you can use to get better results from your online course sales efforts.

Discover how to build your own funnels to grow course and webinar sales! 


  • Collaborations! 

Content quality defines the quality of Instruction. Don’t worry about the production quality of your videos, paying attention to what is being taught is important. That’s where Creative Mentor has an edge over the others. It believes in consulting & collaborating with the best. Hence, gets maximum mileage from the instructors & has a cent per cent chance of being a hit amongst the learners.

  • Great PR strategies 

Media & news outlets are always hungry for new content. While product launches may not be covered by all outlets, many do. Additionally, you can always rope in domain influencers to share content about your website, courses and programs utilising their audience and reach to promote your brand.

  • Delivered value for money 

Select a specific duration for workshops depending upon your audience and niche. It’s not the length of the workshop or the session but the value that your audience gets from it that decides the pricing. 

Most importantly, the format to use which would be most -effective and evergreen.

Over any pressing challenge, the powers of creativity prevail, and that’s how experts tell you to stay focused and sharp.  If you are good at something, and you help it grow. It grows very well and fast.

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