How Edifypath Is Using Knorish To Bridge The INDUSTRY Talent Gap With Electric Mobility And Other Programs

Edifypath Knorish

Using Knorish’s Landing page funnels, Edifypath has helped over 30,000+ students across India to master new age Tech skills in EV, PySpark, Big Data, Agile Methodology and many more domains. 

As a hybrid e-Learning platform, EdifyPath envisions life-transforming career development through a unique combination of traditional teaching methods and e-learning tools.



Founded by Industry Veterans – Narasimha Gondi, Bhanu Prakash Reddy Varla, and Chandu Talluri, Edifypath focuses on bridging the talent gap across industries helping people acquire industry-specific skills that make them corporate-ready. 

Edifypath’s top courses range from Cyber Security, Big Data & Hadoop 3.x, and Python to programs such as Immersive Electric Vehicles Program, Startup Mentorship Program, and 3D printing as well. 

Because of their amazing work, Edifypath has already won multiple awards and accolades including the Make In India award as an emerging leader in 2021, the Economic Times Excellence Award 2021 for excellence in upskills & employability and was also honored in the biggest startup conference The TiE Global Summit 2022.

Building Next Gen Programs For Students That Will Build The Products Of The Future

Since inception, Edifypath has supported students to learn the cutting edge technologies that students need to excel in their careers, enabling corporates with a skilled talent pool of ready-to-hire candidates.

All programs and courses launched by Edifypath are based on industry needs and in consultation with domain experts, corporates, collaborating universities and educational institutions. 

This allowed Edifypath to clearly differentiate their offerings as hybrid models that allows students to learn online at their own convenience and experience offline training to hone their skills in cutting edge technologies.

Prospecting Roadblocks: Sales Systems For Rapid Scaling

For any business, prospecting and lead generation are critical components of a successful sales strategy. And making the most of your prospecting efforts requires a crystal clear understanding of the customer journey.

For edifypath, the challenge was clear. Students don’t need more information. They need practical knowledge that would make them job-ready. Partnering with top institutions for program creation and corporates to absorb talent ensured they had winning programs. 

However, promoting the programs needed a new approach. Traditional methods of acquiring leads by educational systems meant seasonal promotional campaigns and sales cycles. Being online and hybrid allowed Edifypath to think differently. 

That’s when Edifypath chose to launch their brand on Knorish and use the landing page funnels to grow their brand, acquire more leads and sell their courses, and programs faster.

Using Funnels To Build A 5X Return Sales System

Knorish offers multiple funnels available for businesses to scale rapidly including webinar funnels, course funnels, ebook funnels and more. Edifypath decided to grow their business with a multiple funnel strategy approach.

Here’s how their sales funnel strategy was deployed:

1. Webinars To Build A Brand

They offered webinars on core topics such as startup leadership, python, machine learning, big data and more. Their webinars attracted hundreds of potential students. This helped them build thought leadership in the domain, generate buzz in the market and build a formidable brand.

2. Ebooks For Lead Generation & Building Trust

The brand also offers ebooks on core career related hot topics such as scalable machine learning and electric vehicles that generate a lot of interest from potential candidates interested in the domain. 

With every new download, Edifypath is able to generate tons of leads which are further nurtured and educated about the domain.

3. Landing Page Funnel For Lead Generation & Sales

For each of their courses and programs, Edifypath creates a unique landing page which highlights the core benefits of joining the program. 

These pages include details such as duration, mode of training, eligibility, curriculum and pricing. In essence, the page helps potential candidates make an informed decision about the programs on offer.

High performing Sales Funnel Process

Edifypath uses FB & Instagram ads and via social media promotions to promote the programs. The ads redirect prospective students to the landing page to learn more about the program. Those who are interested in the program can sign up immediately. Additionally, the landing page also offers a signup form which helps Team Edifypath capture more leads in case the candidate is not ready to complete sign up on the course yet.

Once the lead is captured, the business development team reaches out to the student to answer questions about the program, clarify doubts, and help them convert into paying customers for the programs.

Using this simple but effective system, Edifypath has been able to build a strong brand that has trained over 30,000+ students in the last few years. The company has been able to generate a 5X return on their ad spends and generate a massive 7 figure revenue year-after-year using this strategy.

The Way Forward: Hyper Scale

Edifypath today is looking towards the future with even more industry specific programs that incorporate new age technologies such as 3d Printing, and Spark etc. The company plans to cater to a wider spectrum including courses for Pharma, Biotechnology, Retail, Telecom,

Fintech, Renewable Energy, AgriTech, Logistics, Healthcare, EFA (Emotional First Aid) program, and Insurance.

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