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Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, Founder of


Vinod enjoys teaching students and adults alike the wonders that lie in Space through his academy His Space Science courses are specifically designed for sixth to twelfth-grade students. So rather than teaching planetary sciences through the standard methods, Vinod teaches the nuances of space science with a brand new approach at grade levels that engages his students and helps them learn at unprecedented speeds.

Since launching the Space Science school programs & courses in 2020, Vinod has taught more than 3000 students through his academy. And that business growth & scale possibilities were exactly the reason why Vinod chose to build his academy on Knorish.

About Learn Space Science

20,000+ Students | 1 Crore+ Revenue | Webinar & Free Masterclass Funnel

Vinod’s online academy and programs have helped students not only learn more about the space but also discover the joys of discovering and self-learning in a brand new subject matter that very few students are taught about in the traditional classroom.

“Traditional classrooms are based on rote memorization where schools seldom focus on going beyond the mandatory-to-teach models of education. With, I wanted to break the mold and show students across the country and the world that they can go beyond the classroom and build new skill sets, learn the subject matter of their interest and discover how to follow their passion.” – Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, Founder –

How It Began Leveraging the power of online learning to educate students about space science


As a passionate educator, Learning coach Vinod Kumar had been teaching robotics to students across the nation for years. After teaching the subject matter for more than a decade, Coach Vinod found a bigger opportunity in teaching ideas in science.


So just before the pandemic had started, Vinod started a mobile planetarium business that would show space shows in schools. After getting a massive response from schools, Vinod was on his way to building a great business out of that model. However, with the pandemic shutting down all schools and educational institutions, Vinod was desperate. He quickly realized he needed to figure out something new.

That’s when he came upon the idea of offering online sessions and shot a masterclass for students to watch at their convenience. He started with Facebook ads and was able to reach out to hundreds of students with more than 300 students signing up for the automated masterclass.

Finally, as the new business model took off, Coach Vinod then decided to launch his online academy with Knorish. 

When I created the learn space science academy, I wanted to offer the world’s most robust learning experience to my students, which also allowed me to manage not just a few hundred but tens of thousands of students at scale. This wouldn’t have been possible without Knorish! – Vinod Kumar

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Knorish As The Platform Of Choice

Choosing Knorish to build the world’s best space science education academy

Having a background in management, and business, a fair knowledge of automation, and an eye for marketing and edutainment, Coach Vinod Kumar knew what kind of system he needed to build to grow his business.

Coach Vinod knew that the key to success was a student’s learning experience and automation which allowed him to manage the entire business as a Solopreneur.

That means ease of use for him and his students, access to mobile apps for his students, excellent uptimes, and features that allowed him to manage his students better and faster. But most importantly, a great UI/UX that his students would love

Growing The Business With Knorish Sales Funnels
Reaching thousands more and creating a massive impact using Knorish


“What most entrepreneurs love to do is to create a product or a program and then sell it to the market. I am completely against it. I have always been a proponent of going to the market and asking them what they want”.

Rather than creating products and then selling them, hoping his audience would appreciate the programs, Vinod used the Pre-Launch strategy to create a free five days program to entertain his children and their friends. Parents also loved the idea as it allowed their children to learn a new skill online.

The Launch Of The First Funnel

What came out of the free five days program was the learning that amongst all subjects, space science was one topic that the children loved. And when Coach Vinod spoke to parents about the program, the parents were equally enthusiastic since this subject matter was only available at the costs that coach Vinod offered.

This is when Coach Vinod decided to launch a free masterclass – a recorded 1-hour session. At launch, the business got a lead for as low as INR 3 with Facebook ads as the primary traffic driver. So in less than 3000 rupees ($40), coach Vinod has more than 1000 people watch the masterclass.

While watching the masterclass, towards the end, there was an upsell for a more premium online course that students could take up and learn more about space science content standards in depth.

From those 1000 people who watched the masterclass, Coach Vinod had more than 130 students sign up for the paid courses, all on automation and without any manual intervention. 

That was the beginning of Coach Vinod’s automation-led business success.

Today, the business runs multiple funnels like free courses, webinars, YouTube funnels and offline shows to acquire customers for the academy’s premier courses.

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Post the launch of the first paid program, in just a matter of 2 months, Learn Space Science was catering to more than 2,000 students across programs and courses.

Soon, Vinod realized that students were entering his funnel at the age of 7+ and exited the business around 14. That meant he could increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of every single customer significantly. That’s when he came up with the thought to upsell higher ticket courses and programs that would allow him to coach his students and engage them for a much longer while significantly increasing purchases from every customer.

That’s when he launched the iSKY Astro Club, a 10-month membership that taught hot astronomy-related topics such as rockets, the big bang theory, Mars Curiosity Rover, James Webb Space Telescope, and much more. Vinod estimates that by the end of the year, he will have close to 1000 students subscribing to the club’s membership paying him monthly for the subscription.

As of 2022, the academy boasts of catering to more than 20,000 students across multiple programs and subscriptions.

I am a proud stay-at-home dad, and I spend 70% of the time with my family taking care of the children. Rest of the 30%, I work on growing my business. But at the same time, I am constantly looking at how to make learning fun for children and help them discover new areas where they can explore their passions. I am thankful to Knorish for building a platform that allows me to do all this and much more – Learning Coach Vinod Kumar


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