How Priyaram earned 2 Crore in 200 Days Through Youtube & Courses

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Priyaram Bindiganavile, founder -

A personal approach to helping people learn adaptive stock trading with practical knowledge of navigating stock markets successfully.

Srimantha was able to increase its number of qualified leads by 100% and grow its online trading courses by more than 200% with the Knorish Funnel Builder. This feat has been achieved in less than a year and purely from organic outreach and zero ads!

About Srimantha
2 Crores in 08 months from course sales | Organic YouTube Funnel | Zero Ads | 0 to 45,000+ subscribers

I am srimantha is one of the top YouTubers from Karnataka in India, with Stock & Trading courses consumed by thousands of active users. True to its meaning, Srimantha – the riches, Priyaram is scaling his academy. The Academy has stock training courses for beginners and advanced learners with various financial services.

Challenge: Monetising YouTube Content To Add Value

Operating in Karnataka, Founder Priyaram Bindiganavile had a big problem on hand. He wanted to help locals, the middle class typically based out of Karnataka, to get a breakthrough and multiply their sources of passive income and strive towards becoming Srimanthas (prosperous).

So here’s what Priyaram did

At the time of producing this interview, had already earned over one crore in 90 days.

He used his YouTube following and launched Digital Products, which allowed him to inspire his followers to BUY from him.

Like him, based on your channel’s niche, these Digital products could be online courses, webinars, ebooks, subscriptions, and coaching programs. The benefit is that unlike selling physical goods, launching and selling digital products is one business where you can sell as many times as you like.

Plus, you already know how to create content for them, and these courses, webinars, and ebooks are all forever products you can sell automatically as many times as you like. And as you release more daily video views and your following grows, these courses will keep bringing in money for years.

Rise in footfall, Quality leads generation & A Larger Than Life Impact With Fully Automated Funnels

Initially, even after 90-plus videos and 3 months later, Srimantha’s videos used to get about 20 views on his YouTube channel. As he started catering to people’s learning needs and ramped up content quality, his promotional videos started getting better views.

As more engaged people with his brand on Youtube, many asked to learn from him in detail to trade profitably. That’s when Priyaram decided to launch his online courses with Knorish where he launched his website and created 6 courses on stock trading.

The courses range from INR 1500 – 10,000 depending on the stock trading journey his students are on. Someone who is just starting takes the 1500 Rupee courses and those who are already trading and want to get advanced strategies, pay for the higher courses.

How Knorish helped Srimantha with its fully automated funnels?

YouTube video content is being leveraged as one of the most successful online tools for moving potential leads to the purchasing stage- the bottom of your sales funnel. That’s where Ram made effective use of his channel content.

As a stock trading expert, Priyaram, to date, releases daily Livestream videos of the stock market where he shares his strategies and learning for the upcoming trades.

So as his channel grew and got more followers, every time a person watched his videos, they got to learn from him for free. But if they want to learn more in-depth, they click on the links, and visit his website to buy the course from him!

This was the start of his success in selling his online courses.

The Knorish landing page funnel builder is customised to help you drive users to your landing page. This funnel leverages the power of high-converting landing pages, lets you pick a pre-designed theme to edit, optimise the page URL to promote the same on your marketing channels, and sets up integrations on Knorish for Google Analytics & A/B Testing purposes, etc.

YouTube Funnel Strategy: Every Successful Creator’s Playbook

When we searched deeper into how Priyaram aka Ram’s marketing blueprint works, we realised that a lot of the top-earning YouTubers, social media influencers, coaches, and even experts are already using the same strategy to quickly start making money from their following.

The best thing about this strategy is that you can also use it on your channel starting right now.

In Priyaram’s case, he spent years learning how to make money from trading stocks. Eventually, he realised that he needed help, and so he looked at some of the best stock traders in the world and started learning from them. Slowly, he became so good that he started doing it on his own and made a lot of money.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Back in 2020, when the pandemic hit, Priyaram saw how people were struggling to make ends meet. And he wanted to help as many as possible.

So that’s when he decided to share his knowledge with others on how to profitably trade stocks. And he did what most people think of. He started creating YouTube Videos.

Since he is from Karnataka, he started doing youtube videos in Kannada where he would share his analysis of the stock market with his following. Then his YouTube Channel fed traffic to his course site as his courses started gaining popularity.

What Priyaram ended up doing for his stock market training institute is what astute marketers do to their digital assets. So when most people think about making money on YouTube, they usually create hundreds of videos, upload them to the learning platform, and then hope those videos go viral to make some money from that ad revenue.

Or you build a powerful platform for networking so that you get enough brand deals or sponsorships.

So it’s not a wrong way to make some money, it’s just not really sustainable. Plus, many people still need to build a following big enough to monetise their channels in the first place.

You too can replicate Srimanth’s success

Launching your own digital products like online courses, webinars, and ebooks is one of the best ways to monetise your following outside of YouTube. The faster you do this, the quicker you can make money yourself

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