How To Create A Webinar Funnel: The Ultimate Guide On Knorish Webinar Funnels

How To Conduct Effective Webinars That Drive Traffic And Get Super Low Cost Leads

Webinars are a powerful tool to build thought leadership, educate & inspire potential customers, and quickly acquire tons of leads and sales!

But a webinar funnel is the ultimate marketing and sales tool that you can use to automatically convert thousands of visitors into leads and leads into paying customers.

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Every business, entrepreneur, coach, or trainer wants to get as many leads as their business can manage.

However, running direct selling ads for your courses and coaching programs is expensive and highly competitive since anyone can copy the best-performing ads and use them in their domain.

So over time, the costs of acquiring paying customers and getting sales from direct selling ads become unsustainable.

That’s why, live webinars are a Win-Win-Win proposition for you, your audience & your business.

  • You, as a coach, get to share your expertise and build trust in your audience regarding your subject matter.
  • The audience engages with you better, asks questions, and responds to your queries.
  • Your business grows as you get to upsell your courses and coaching programs in the webinars. Additionally, you can increase sales faster and at lower ad costs.

This is why webinars are a powerful tool to generate exponentially more leads and sales for your business at significantly lower costs than direct course selling ads.

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that they are visual and consist of both audio and video. This allows you to communicate with ease by including content such as PowerPoint slides, videos, and infographics. Plus options such as Polls, Q&A, and chat further add to the engagement.

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What’s more?

Due to their engaging nature, webinars also enjoy a high average viewing time.

A typical webinar ranges from 60 to – 90 Mins including a 10 – 15 minute Q&A session. 

That’s powerful engagement considering social media channels on average get viewing time in minutes and some in seconds. 

How Does A Webinar Funnel Work?

A webinar funnel is a marketing and sales process that is used to convert visitors into leads and then into paying customers.

Here’s what this process looks like.

 Webinars are conducted with one purpose:
To share your knowledge on a topic that is a key pain problem for your target audience. You share insights and valuable information to help them learn how to address those concerns. And during the webinar, you pitch your product, coaching program, course, or service to the webinar attendees.

Difference Between Zoom Meetings & Webinars

Zoom meetings are a collaborative tool primarily used for video conferencing and online meetings. This means participants can turn on their cameras, unmute themselves and speak in the meeting when they wish. This works fine if you have a few handfuls of trusted participants in the session.

Managing the logistics of having a few hundred participants with a standard zoom meeting license becomes extremely challenging.

So if you plan to coach online or teach a subject on the scale, Zoom Webinar is the go-to tool.

Simply because as the webinar host, you get to conduct a one-way session. Participants access the session in a ‘view-only attendees’ mode.

Plus you get additional features that are not included in the standard zoom meeting license such as

  • Control attendees’ chat options – To Hosts and panelists only, to everyone, or no one
  • Attendees join in listen-only/watch-only mode – Restricted mic & camera unless permissions are given to unmute or after joining the session as panelists
  • Polls For Webinars – Conduct surveys to gather data
  • Q&A for engagement
  • Show videos/ images/ play audio on the screen
  • Use PowerPoint files as background screens for that immersive learning experience

Proof That Webinar Funnels Are The Ultimate Tools For Exploding Your Business With Leads And Sales: A Case Study

Dipti Harshad Vartak is a professional baker who launched her online baking coaching academy with Knorish in 2021.

Watch the video to learn how she used live webinars as the ultimate tool to grow her coaching business online and get more sales.

Dipti’s online baking programs are a combination of live sessions, webinars, and recorded courses.

She routinely conducts paid live webinars for her learners and teaches them the nuances of baking. In less than a year, using the power of webinar funnels and webinars, she has built a community of more than 3000 amateur bakers who are on their way to becoming professional bakers.  Dipti has also achieved the feat of earning over INR 80 lakhs ($100,000) in revenue from her courses and webinar sales.

How To Setup A Webinar Funnel On Automation: Using Knorish Webinar Funnels To Generate Leads & Sales 10X Faster

Zoom is the world’s best and most popular video conferencing tool. That’s why Knorish chose to use Zoom webinars as the go-to tool for building the webinar funnel feature on the platform.

But there’s a lot more to the webinar funnel besides just integrating Zoom webinars into the platform.

When you use the Knorish Webinar Funnels, you get the entire framework that guides you, in fact, handholds you, step by step, to set up, promote, and conduct webinars successfully.

And then it also shows you how to get leads faster and post the webinar promoting your courses or coaching programs.

Watch the video below to understand how a webinar funnel is a setup:


How to create your webinar funnel using the knorish funnel builder with automation?

A webinar funnel has three parts to it. Setup. Promotions. Upsells. This is how you enable all these three parts in one tool with Knorish!

Webinar Setup

  • Login to your knorish account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for one to set up a webinar funnel on
  • Then head on to the funnel builder section and select the webinar funnel to get started
  • As you may have seen in the video the steps to create and launch your first or the next webinar funnel are very simple.
    • First, give a name to the funnel you are building
    • Then select a course or create a new one under which the live webinar will be created
    • After that, select a webinar. Again, you can create a new webinar or choose one from the list that is already created and is yet to happen.
    • Then select a landing page. You can once again choose an existing landing page or create one from scratch.
    • After you select the landing page, make the necessary changes to the landing page by clicking on ‘Go To Page’ and updating the landing page copy.
    • Once done, select ‘I have edited the page’. Then optimize the landing page URL. once done, select ‘I have optimized the page for SEO’.

Part 2: Lead Generation

Once the webinar has been created, and the landing page is ready, you are now ready to promote the webinar.


  • Copy the page’s URL to promote on social media channels, or via email and other marketing channels. Once done, mark this step complete/select other options.
  • Next, integrate Facebook pixel, google analytics & google tag manager to start running ads.


  • Once the above-listed integrations are done, you are now ready to launch ads on Fb &, YouTube, Google & other ad platforms.
  • Once the ads are run, emails are sent, and social media promotions are done, you will start getting leads from those marketing efforts.

Part 3: Setting Up Upsell Emails

As you continue setting up the funnel, the next step is to set up the upsell remarketing via email.


With Knorish, you can pre-program upsell emails in advance.

By enabling email-based retargeting, you can pre-set when the emails are sent based on triggers, timing, and recipients. This means you can retarget all those who attended the webinar, all those who registered for the webinar, and even all those who registered but didn’t attend the webinar.

The purpose of these emails is to create urgency and remind your leads, audience, and customers of the upsell offer that was given in the webinar and to take action now.

You could send emails to

  1. All the attendees to remind them of the amazing offer that you had given in the webinar.
  2. All those who registered but didn’t attend the webinar and ask them to watch the replay of the webinar which again contains the offer to increase your upsells
  3. Plus send your offer details to everyone who registered for the webinar as a special offer. 

And you do this not during or after the webinar, but rather on the day when you plan to create your webinar. So once done, you sit back and relax and focus only on doing a great webinar! The automation on Knorish takes care of sending emails so you don’t have to get another tool to do this!

Finally, you can also reach out to the webinar audience with retargeting ads to further promote your programs and upsells.



Once you are ready, set Publish Funnel and you are good to go. All you have to do is present great information and do a good job in the webinar and pitch your upsell like there’s never been a better product before than yours!

How To Conduct ‘The Perfect Webinar’?

Worried about your webinar not being effective enough or worse being ignored or abandoned by your audience?

Whether you’re doing your first webinar or the next one, going live in front of any audience is challenging and nerve-wracking.

Here are our best tips on how to conduct ‘The perfect webinar’ for your business:

  1. Know who your audience is and what their pain problems are or what opportunities are available to them around your domain of expertise. When you create a webinar around this, people are more receptive and open to signing up because they either want a solution to their concerns or are looking for opportunities available.
  2. Pick A Great Time and Day to ensure that your audience can log in and learn live.
  3. Equipment: Webinars are visual. That means you need to have a great presentation ready. So here’s the list of equipment you must have in place to ensure a great webinar is conducted.
    • Laptop with a full HD Webcam for that amazing video quality
    • Decent mic for that great audio quality. People also use podcast mics or Bluetooth mics to enable that great audio.
    • Steady Lan-based Internet connection. Wifi’s usually intermittent and can create connectivity issues creating Lag in the audio or video.
    • Lighting: Natural lighting when available is best. Ring lights are also another tool that you can use for great visibility during the webinar.
  4. Duration: A 60 – 90 min webinar is long enough. Beyond that, people get tired and don’t usually have the energy levels to pay full attention. If you need longer durations, break up the webinar into a series of 2 or 3. This also increases the ‘Perceived Value’ of the webinar as it then becomes a ‘Live Online Workshop’.
  5. Camera Confidence: There’s nothing more exciting for an audience than a webinar host who knows how to look at the camera and speak confidently. As a webinar host, you must ensure that you talk to your audience with confidence. Because when you do, they trust your expertise and believe in what you have to say.
  6. Content Delivery: Presentation Slides offer more visuals during the webinar so they are a great add-on. Keep one ready. Additionally, you can also play videos in your presentation to keep the users engage.
  7. Webinar End Goal: Each webinar must be conducted with one goal: To share new learning with the audience about their pain problem and from your expertise. When you do this and then eventually pitch an upsell, the audience will be in favor of buying your upsell.
  8. Prime Your Audience To Say Yes To Your Upsell: Engage with your audience, answer questions, and respond to every message. But more importantly, ask questions that elicit a ‘Yes’ as an answer. When you get a Yes, 5 or 7 times in a webinar, you are priming your audience to say yes to the ultimate question: will you buy my upsell? And they will say yes!
  9. Finally – Practice, Practice, & Practice: Conduct as many dry Runs as you can. Check everything, the equipment, the sound and video quality, your presentation, slides, content delivery, polls, and Questions that you plan to ask. Every aspect of the webinar must be practiced beforehand. This would ensure that you are ready for D-Day and that everything goes smoothly without concerns or issues.

Here are some articles that give deeper insights into how to host the best webinars ever…

Key Benefits Of Knorish Webinar Funnel Over A Standard Zoom Webinar License

Knorish lets you build amazing funnels for growing your coaching business. Zoom is the most used platform for video conferencing and their webinar feature is amazing as well.

However, the automation built on top of the Zoom Webinar with Knorish is what makes managing and growing your business easier.

This means that you can use the funnel features to set up and launch your funnels, and then focus on what matters most. That’s growing your business. The platform will initiate and complete the rest.

Here are some key features that you get with Knorish for the Webinar Funnel

  • The Webinar funnel feature teaches step by step on how to set up & launch your webinar funnel for faster sales
  • Free Zoom Webinar license access to conduct unlimited live sessions for up to 500 participants
  • Conduct single, multiple, or ongoing live sessions
  • Option to upgrade to more than 500 participants per webinar
  • Design and launch high-converting landing pages that get you 10x faster conversions
  • Option to offer free or paid webinars
  • Plus automate payment collection and registrations
  • Capture email IDs, phone/ WhatsApp numbers, and custom data through the registration process
  • Send multiple automated reminder emails to join the webinar that increases webinar participation
  • Plus set up automated Upsell emails that drive 10 times more sales
  • Additionally, the option to share the guest speaker links in advance with panelists and co-hosts or your audience.
  • Export registration and attendee data for retargeting via other marketing channels & tools.

Zoom Webinar Features With Knorish

Because of the native integration, you get most zoom features already available in the webinar option. Such as:

  • All participants join the webinar in a view-only mode without the ability to unmute or turn on cameras
  • Unlimited Sessions up to 3 hours each
  • Advanced screen sharing – PPT as virtual background, Audio, Video, & even the feed from a 2nd Camera should you require it.
  • Option to remove participants from the webinar, promote participants as panelists, and vice versa.
  • Annotations, Whiteboard, & Auto Transcriptions
  • Virtual Backgrounds, Video & Audio Settings Options
  • Q&A & Polls
  • Chat Controls – Option to direct chat towards panelists only, everyone or no one
  • Option to save the webinar recording locally on your device.
  • Live Stream To YouTube, Facebook, or Facebook For Workplace
  • Cloud & Local Recording
  • Live Transcriptions

These were just some of the key features available in the Zoom webinar functionality with the Knorish webinar funnel builder. And there are many more.

Ready To Build Your Webinar Funnel?

Webinars are great tools for lead generation. If done effectively, they can be used to drive sales as well.

However, designing your webinar funnel well is critical for the success of your webinars. You need to drive quality traffic to a high-converting landing page.

It’s also crucial to conduct a stellar webinar that provides valuable information to the attendees and also promotes your products naturally.

Monetize your knowledge and share it with the world from your own online academy built with knorish