Online Course Businesses Need To Focus On Automation. Here’s Why


The growth of your Online Course Business depends on how efficiently you use your time. After all, there is only so much you can do in 24 hours. This is why automating tasks and roles without losing your own time is key to a successful business process. And that is why there is a mind shift needed to resort to automated means of production and consumption.


Marketing automation is all about using a few software to automate the repetitive chunk of the activities involved in your online course business, such as email marketing, social media posting, or even your ad campaigns.

The most successful marketing automation strategies put the customers at the center of a flywheel and deliver a more personalized experience for them. To meet up the growing demand of your business, you do need to scale up your processes.

Staying up-to-date with technology doesn’t only ease your work but also helps you in roping in significant profits. Even small business owners can take a big step towards this giant leap by simply switching to automation.

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“Automation is a process of using software tools to complete several small, repetitive tasks automatically rather than delegating them manually.”

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What Is The Biggest Benefit Of Automation For Online Businesses?

The biggest benefit of robotic process automation is that you get all the time in the world to concentrate on growing your business online rather than wasting your precious energy, resources, and time doing mundane things that automation can easily automate for you.

So be it responding to the same customer questions again and again rather than directing them to a knowledge base or FAQ section, typing emails afresh each time rather than building an email template library, individually sending email reminders rather than automating mass emails, monitoring and responding to chats daily rather than setting up a chatbot, these are just some of the tasks that are urgent and important and hence take your time away from the more important repetitive tasks such as focussing on ad performance and sales.

According to a report by McKinsey, “Based on our scenario modelling, we estimate automation could raise productivity growth globally by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually.”

So, here’s why you need to scale up your business with automation today for a better tomorrow:

  • Day-to-day work operations in any business setup can contain many tedious but essential tasks. Automation of workflow ensures the efficiency of work operations at each step.
  • Automation is easy to implement and use.
  • Reduces person-hours and optimizes your human resources in a better manner.
  • Provides error-free work every time.
  • Its ability to attend to work as soon as the work order is received helps in achieving operational stability.
  • Takes your leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to the sales-ready process.


  1. Set a trigger – start by selecting a trigger for a particular task, e.g., create an invoice as soon as a customer clicks on the pay button.
  2. Set a condition – that means to set a condition under which the task begins to run in the background once the task completes in one or any of the stages of the operations, e.g. when an order is confirmed, payment is received, content is released to the user.
  3. Set an action– again, this means to set an action corresponding to the condition. e.g.when the payment is received, the user gets an automated welcome mail.

How To Automate Your Online Course Marketing With Knorish?

Whether it is generating welcome emails for new customers, sending a payment confirmation automatically on each course sale, or effectively dealing with customer satisfaction – automation can manage it all on your behalf resulting in a major drop in the amount of time required to complete tedious tasks.

In the process, it frees up your time that can be used to focus on other important tasks for growing your business.

These automation features ensure your customers get standard care with every interaction. Here are just some of the automation that is available in the platform:

  • The platform allows you to establish goals, define key metrics, and track user behaviour, enabling you to continuously evaluate and adjust your campaign or content.
  • Automatically collect course purchase payments from the site directly and enable learning path from the course immediately after purchase which makes sure you don’t have to manually track and give access to the course to students, besides sending the payment confirmation email to the learner.
  • Customise your messaging, set email campaigns once you integrate MailChimp, run retargeting campaigns using Facebook Pixel Integration features, and analyse visitor traffic on your course site using the Traffic Analytics feature.
  • Automatically unlock content based on specific dates, days, or weeks and notify all learners of new content getting unlocked.
  • Reduce customer friction points with FAQs and Knowledge base and improve customer service with chat tools and service support setup. You can set up Freshdesk using the platform, which is a cloud-based customer support service that enables companies of all sizes to provide great customer service.
  • The email templates available in the platform to send out automated emails or messages appropriate to the occasion.
  • Create discount coupons and offers that thousands of leads can use to purchase your courses and win their loyalty to your brand.
  • Get key insights into traffic, google ads performance, and earnings with analytics so that you always remain on top of it.

In a nutshell, right from auto-generated emails to analytics and insights, the automation gives your business 24 X7 maximum availability without any workforce. That means your business makes money even when you’re asleep.

Final Word

Automation is the key to increasing the trust of a customer in your business, which would compel them to come back to you time and again. Automation techniques have a wide range of uses, and it depends on the individual how and when to make use of this functionality. Businesses that master automation technologies are reaping the benefits. So, NOW is the time to switch your online course business to automation mode so that you can work on growing your business rather than working in it.


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