November Product Update: New features, launches and more

November Product Update: New features, launches and more

A roundup of new features and launches on Knorish

The past few months have been quite busy here in Knorish. The team has been rolling out new features that were in high demand from our customers. And we are proud to announce the launch of a host of new features and announcements on our platform. The updates have been rolled out to give our customers an enhanced user experience and intuitive, powerful & easy-to-use integrations that will open the world of possibilities to start your own online academy.


Now experience the improved performance of your online academy – Higher conversions, better quality leads, and enhanced customer experience.

Sanjeev Kapoor Academy Launched

Eminent and renowned Indian chef and leading entrepreneur Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has launched the country’s first celebrity online culinary academy in collaboration with Knorish. The academy offers a wide range of exclusively-curated online courses, including teaching essentials behind launching and growing a food business, making immunity-boosting recipes, and creating restaurant-quality dishes and home-style delicacies from one’s home kitchen.

Padam Shree Awardee Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor said on the launch, “We are excited by this opportunity to offer online culinary courses and help people in these difficult times whether it’s for immunity or starting one’s own business or consolidate current food business.

 Our endeavour has always been to empower people through food, and there is no better way to enable this than through online courses. Sanjeev Kapoor Academy attempts to become the single destination for all culinary needs and will offer various courses shortly.”

The course content comprises specifically-designed videos that feature the chef’s guidance and lessons that revolve around topics such as establishing a successful food business, creating a distinct flavour profile, and crafting an indelible personal mark in the world of Indian and international cuisines. It also consists of over 100 cooking instructional videos and PDF recipes with step-by-step instructions. All courses come with six months’ access and a course completion certificate.

To know more about his academy launched with Knorish, visit

New Platform Features

  • URL redirect feature

    • The URL redirect, which is also referred to as URL forwarding, is a technique that is used to redirect your website’s visitors to a different URL. This means that you will be able to forward your custom domain name to any website or webpage, etc., available online.

      How this happens is Redirects use status codes that are defined within the HTTP protocol. Based on this process, a URL forwarding is common of the following types:

      301 (Permanent)

    • 302 (Temporary
    • Meta refresh

Learn more about the new feature and how you can use it on your site with Knorish here: How to enable URL redirection on my Knorish site?

  • Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows creators to manage and deploy marketing tags (code snippets) on your Knorish site without modifying any code on the site. With Knorish, Google Tag Manager Integration on your site is a simple process that makes tracking the data super easy without the need for coders or developers.

Once integrated, GTM will allow you to manage all your tags in one place without editing the source code. Simple, reliable & easily integrated tag management solutions are delivered for free!

In addition to this, active users also get the following:

  • Increased agility Users will be efficiently able to add and update their website tags to understand conversions and site analytics in a better & improved way.
  • Easy integration Integrating Google Tags Manager is a super simple process for your site built with Knorish.
  • Peace of mind! A host of security features, error checking, and a speedy tag-loading procedure ensure that all your tags work efficiently.
  • Keep collaborating across teams. With Google Tag Manager’s core features, such as workspaces, granular access controls, & support for multi-environment testing, you can improve collaboration across groups in your business. This means enhanced rules for your marketing and IT teams to work together efficiently.

Google Tag Manager Integration is a simple process on the Knorish dashboard, which makes tracking the data super easy without the need for coders or developers. To learn more about how to integrate Google Tag Manager into your site, visit: Google Tag Manager Integration.

  • Better Analytics

The Analytics feature includes the overview of optimal performance, course view, assessment, the status of certification, etc., for the benefit of the course creators.

Using these Analytic Reports, the course creators, Instructors & academy owners can

  • Keep a tab on user engagement & student course progression or any lapses that can be fixed when noticed well in time
  • Check the number of certificates issued to their users
  • Export the data in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, CSV) & even print the same
  • Check the assessment progress for all the courses as well as the number of users on the academy

Existing users can read more about the Analytics Feature to understand how to use the feature on their website built with Knorish.

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