Hacks to 5X Your Digital Course Business Sales

Hacks to 5X Your Digital Course Business Sales

This Awesome blog post has the excerpts from the Webinar 5X Your Digital Course Business Sales Results with Anmol Garg, [email protected], dated 18.06.2021 {It’s Never Too Late To Learn Sales}

Learning to sell yourself and your digital product or service is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs initially face. Our Guest Speaker, Anmol Garg, had a few fine points covered and shared a few of the time-tested tips to master the basics.

Keep Getting Better at Confidence, Communication & Courage, even if you don’t come from a sales background, was his opening note addressed to all the live audiences present. The emphasis was evenly spotlighted on inculcating energised high-performance sales culture.

Here’s how the session further progressed onwards. 

After creating their great online course platform for coaches, experts & teachers discover that their years of schooling or degrees haven’t prepared them to run their digital businesses. What they need now is real-world sales experience. So, they better upskill to keep up with the tide. The foremost theme of the conversation flowed in the direction that it hardly mattered what background you were from. Learning sales skills doesn’t require any prior training.

grow your coaching business with funnels

Equip yourself with 21st-century sales skills, That’s No. 1 Tip To Learn.

If you try to know your subject and audience — you stand to outsell and create more impact and abundance than all your peers in the industry, niche, or expertise— in just a few days or less.

For those who missed attending the live session, here’s a brief introduction of the speaker:

Meet the Speaker 

Anmol Garg

Sales + Standup + Sports + 52 books a year + Fun + Fitness + Energy

  • Featured in ‘Top 15 Sales Gurus To Follow’ In 2020
  • Computer science engineer by chance but a sales engineer by choice!
  • Consults many SMBs & startups on building a winning sales strategy. He is also an expert digital marketer.
  • He is a popular standup comedian in India, with his content largely around entrepreneurship/sales/marketing. He hosts a show called ‘Business News You Can Misuse.’

THIS LIVE LEARNING SESSION AIMED TO EQUIP THE EXPERTS, COACHES & TEACHERS WITH 21st Century SALES SKILLS and helped to break the taboo that there is no age bar or prior background in sales required to practice it in growing your online course business, provided you are keen to get the right training & get adept at creating the automated sales funnels. Here’s what Anmol pointed out as the essentials in your upskilling check-list:

🎯 Check out how to flood your “sales pipeline” with highly qualified leads who can and will buy your digital courses

🎯 Put a good amount of effort into building up the trust factor with your prospects so you get to know the personas better and customize your digital courses

🎯 Acquire first-hand insights into ways to track your prospect’s core problem areas… and a possibility to “solve” through your digital courses. And last but not least create engaging, empathizing, and enticing sales strategies to showcase your digital course businesses, etcetera.

Never get bogged down by client’s lack of interest and attention

The trick lies in bullet-proofing your sales game and learning to tackle the objections varying from the standard “I’m not interested…” to “It’s too damn expensive….” His theory included the logic that this was very important for sales personnel to self-market before jumping into product salesmanship. He cited his own example of how he religiously puts in the time and effort to create creative content pieces that he uses on his YouTube channel or consistently shows up on most possible platforms so that people remember him and conveniently recollect where they saw him, doing what.

In the long run, this approach allows the brands to position themselves strategically with ready audiences willing to engage with them.

An ideal pricing strategy for a digital course

Every domain or expertise has its own method to gauge the quantum of labour and effort that goes into course creation. In fact, Anmol very categorically sided with adding enough value and quality in the backend to the content creation that is perfectly matched by the right brand positioning to take the course pricing to the Premium bracket.

Great Landing, Automated Sales Funnels, Live Session Experience

His emphasis on coming up with effective copy, collaborative design, and user’s delightful experiences was complete while speaking about the importance of sales funnels and the tips that followed, as captured precisely below:

  1. Research your audience and subject well, in particular. Don’t approach a subject half-heartedly. Always be precise and audience-specific. 
  2. Train yourself to write compelling copies and engage with your audience quite often. You can’t be sluggish or snobbish, either. Audiences prefer to be dealing with consistent and authentic people behind a brand.
  3. Develop or use creative talent to balance and sharpen your soft selling skills. Performing art comes across as an ice-breaker and healthy stress buster.

grow your coaching business with funnels

Webinar Sales Funnels are Cost-Effective Modes of Lead Generation

As Anmol drew points home, he demonstrated the math that worked behind lead generation with webinar sales funnels. And not just that but how it went two steps further to add value to the user’s learning journey. So, precisely here is the detailed information if you prefer to act on his advice.

Validate the Sales Value of Your Digital Product {Course, Webinar}

With this regard, he sided with making constant probes and effort into the subject matter through extensive research, data survey methods, and pre-course sales pitch. For him, the moment, your course has solid value, and you have priced and packaged it well, along with trust-building factors. This all pays high dividends in the long run.

Showcase Your Success Enough & Fawn Over Your First Few Customers

To conclude, Anmol’s message to all the online course creators was to influence potential customers with your authenticity genuinely. From your websites to ad landing pages, let your customers find all the information they seek. That calls for descriptive write-ups complete with authentic testimonials. Your content marketing strategy should be so robust that you should be able to establish yourself as an expert.

For those who want to dive deep and learn sales funnel-building techniques, please sign up for this Masterclass, How to Build Automated Online Sales Funnels?

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