We are about the impact of sharing knowledge online and the people who enable it

Knorish is a platform that enables hobbyists, professionals and niche experts to build, launch, market and sell online courses powered by their own knowledge and as an extension of their own brand. We are on a mission to change the way people learn by providing them all the tools they would need to convert their knowledge into a tangible and monetizable business that is sustainable and profitable, one that has the power to impact lives of millions.

"To build the world's most convenient platform for distribution and monetization of knowledge."

Kinner N Sacchdev : Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder and CEO, Knorish

While working with Fortune 500 companies and premium academic institutions to launch their products, content and courses, co-founders of Knorish, Kinner N Sacchdev and Rakhi Wadhwa realised that creating an online business that offers courses and coaching programs was no easy feat. The technology existed but in broken pieces combining which took large sums of money and technical expertise or meant hiring large teams to enable a solution. All other platforms that existed simplified the process but were only focussing on just the online presence but not the ability to build completely empowering Funnels under one dashboard.

There are two pain problems faced by most content creators and organizations:

  • Building sales funnels to market their content is a mystery for most online entrepreneurs and training organizations, leading to financial struggles for over 90% of businesses.
  • Setting up a website, apps and landing pages with agencies, freelancers or platforms with poorly designed templates can be a nightmare. So that’s when our focus became clear.
Build a knowledge business empire

Building a knowledge business empire made easy

For effective monetisation and distribution of online courses through custom apps & websites, there are multiple tools that one needs to learn or hire a team to launch. Together, the entire process is extremely cumbersome and stressful. Even for simple things such as doing a webinar with zoom on any existing platform, you'll need to use an LMS, E-commerce solution for sales, Zapier, Emailing software, hosting and a lot more to run just a single funnel. On Knorish with our deep embed of Zoom, you can run all the above steps within Knorish without a need for any 3rd party software or even the need to buy a Zoom license.

We believe ours is a noble cause, we help people start and grow their online businesses. And it is only possible to work towards such a mission if we have a fanatic focus on listening to and serving our customers. Before every decision, we have to ask ourselves, 'How will this benefit our customers?'

We are creating a company that Knorishers ( 😉team members of Knorish) love. A company that is helping people around the world become true gig economy entrepreneurs while sharing their knowledge and creating a massive impact around the world.

Team Knorish in the early days
Evergrowing Knorish Team

To the future and beyond

Post the public beta launch with just 2 developers back in 2018, the co-founders Kinner and Rakhi started working on growing Knorish full time in December 2019.

Since then, the platform has grown leaps and bounds. Not only have we doubled and then tripled the number of Knorishers, as of today, the platform proudly boasts of enabling more than 40,000+ academies across the world.

From wine tasting to digital marketing, from Crypto to Painting, from life coaching to entrepreneurship, courses, webinars and coaching programs in more than 590 domains are being accessed from 45 countries. Plus we have been covered by some of the most leading news outlets and have won some really cool awards as well. And this is just the start with miles to go.

Backed by a solid list of notable investors who believe in our mission

Knorish Investor, Sanjay Mehta, 100x.vc
Sanjay Mehta
Founder & Partner – 100x.VC Principal – Mehta Ventures
Knorish Investor, Ninad Karpe, 100x.vc
Ninad Karpe
Partner – 100x.VC Ex-CEO – Aptech
Knorish Investor, Uday Sodhi
Uday Sodhi
Senior Partner – Kurate Consulting Ex-Business Head – SonyLIV
Knorish Investor, K R S Jamwal
KRS Jamwal
Executive Director Tata Industries Ltd
Knorish Investor, Dhanpal Jhaveri
Dhanpal Jhaveri
Vice Chairman - Everstone Group CEO, EverSource Capital
Knorish Investor, Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland
CEO - Public Markets, Avendus Capital
Knorish Investors

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