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Why Knorish?

We know that building a promising career involves careful mixing of several ingredients, such as the right OKRs, remuneration, continuous learning, mentoring, flexibility, feedback and the list goes on. Being a young company, we do not carry the burden of age-old HR practices and are trying to create a uniquely evolving work culture. We are building an exciting, unconventional place that respects professional and out-of-the-box thinkers. We know that education is a pending frontier that technology has to truly transform. If you like tinkering with ideas and technology, we invite you to join our team.

Our Culture

Work hard, party harder

We celebrate milestones, holidays and special occasions. And we like bowling, excursions, movies, parties and other things called Fun.

Open vacation policy

We know that despite our 5 day workweek policy, you’ll still need break from work. At Knorish, you propose when do you want it and how much do you need. We’ll pay for it and welcome you back with smiles.

Learn all you want

There is no better way to improve lives than investment in Learning. We have a pack of books ready for all new hires. And we’ll pay for the conferences, courses and the skills you need to acquire to reach the next milestone of your career.

Twice a year appraisals

We like to appreciate our star performers more often. Unlike the traditional once a year appraisals, our incentives and salary increments happen twice a year. After all life is short!

Our Teams

Our teams come from diverse backgrounds and take up roles in several fields.



Sales & Marketing

Customer Operations


Business Development


Are you a student?

Check out our internship program to learn more about what it’s like to be an intern at Knorish. Check if there are any available position.

We are on a mission to democratize knowledge and learning