Why Knorish

Creators like you have big ambitions. Why use a platform that limits your growth? Knorish is the deepest stack for monetization of content through sales funnels and the features mentioned here are unique offerings.

Sales Funnels

Grow your business faster with funnels that drive exponential sales for courses, webinars & memberships

Mobile Apps

Offer the complete learning experience with native mobile apps (Web, Android & iOS)

Zoom Webinars

The only platform in the world that lets you run large webinars / live sessions & drive sales using our Zoom Enterprise license free with all our plans

Indian & International Payment Gateways

Automate payment collection in Indian Rupees and more than 90 different currencies

Content Piracy Prevention

Piracy protected content via DRM to prevent content theft form your website or apps

Knorish Vs Teachable.

Top Features

Sales Funnels

Mobile Apps

Live sessions with Zoom

Free Zoom Enterprise Account

Zoom Webinars

Upto 500 Participants Per Webinars

Landing Pages

Indian & International Payment Gateways

International payment gateways only

DRM Encrypted Piracy Prevention

Expert Customer Support

Phone, Email, Chat

Email & Chat Only

Extensive Website Theme Library

Coaching Business Acceleration Program

Free Website Design Service

Unlimited Students, Courses, Hosting, Videos, Assessments

Start & Grow Your Coaching Business With Knorish

Create and Sell Online Courses, Webinars and Memberships Earn your dream income and traffic with Knorish Sales Funnels

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Ease Of Use

No-code easy to use platform to create and sell courses from your branded website & app

Excellent Support

World class support just when you need it and how you prefer - phone, chat, or email

Complete Learning Experience

Offer an amazing learning experience from your website or app with Videos, live sessions, PDFs, documents, slides, embeds, assessments & certificates

Trusted By The Best In The Industry

More than 42,000 coaches, trainers, experts, businesses & professionals use Knorish today coaching 1 Million+ learners in 47 countries

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When you are thinking about packaging your knowledge and expertise into an online course, obviously you want the best.

If you’re wondering how Knorish is different from Teachable, and between the two which course platform will work for you, let us help you better understand the unique features of the two. Though Knorish is compared to Teachable often the two platforms are different.

Let’s begin with the summarised version of the differences:

Knorish vs. Teachable: A Summary

First things first, Knorish has quite a few functionalities that Teachable does not offer.

Plus, Knorish lets you sign up for a free plan that includes unlimited students, but the Teachable free option comes with heavy transaction charges of $1+10% per transaction when you want to sell courses during the trial period. In comparison, Knorish only has a flat 3.95% transaction fee on paid courses.

Additionally, even on the trial plan, you get to create an amazing website for your business in Knorish. With a wide range of amazing mobile responsive website themes, and an easy to use drag and drop site builder, building your website is super simple.

Create and sell online courses

Save $900 to $2200 every year

Key Features Why Creator Choose Knorish.

Here’s a quick reference of other select features that course creators find super useful to run their online course business.



(Annual pricing shown on per month basis)

The most preferred plan of most creators, the professional plan is more affordable with Knorish

3 Plans

  • Startup - $29

  • Professional - $60
  • Power - $299

2 Plans

  • Basic - $39

  • Advanced - $119

Payment Gateways

International & Indian payment gateways such as Razorpay, PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Instamojo & CCAvenue.

Take payments via digital Wallets, Netbanking, UPI, Credit/Debit Cards and more.

Integration needed for separate payment gateways

Mobile responsive website

Yes. Choose from a wide variety of mobile-first themes.

Yes. With Limited Options For Website Themes

Website Design Service

Don’t want the hassle of building your website. Using our website theme library, our team of website designers will create the website for you.

Not Available

Android & iOS App

Your own custom branded whitelabeled app

Teachable iOS Only App. Only iOS app. Android App not available. Cannot Be White Labeled. Not very user friendly plus learners have to search for Teachable App not your brand

Grow your business exponentially with Knorish Sales Funnels

Go from 0 to thousands of learners in just a matter of months with automated sales funnels that drive sales and help you grow your business exponentially. Create amazing landing pages, build funnels, automate sales, payment collection, course access and more.

Not Available

Free Zoom enterprise account

(Worth $690/year/license)

Conduct UNLIMITED live sessions, webinars, and online coaching , be it single, multiple or ongoing for up to 500+ participants at any given time. Go live from your website in just a few clicks.

Not Available


Automate your coaching business. Manage learners Better

Provide instant access to courses automatically after payment, no more multiple steps or pages or solutions needed. Plus send automated student email notifications, new content unlocked reminders, live session reminders, issue course certificates, provide tax compliant invoices and more.


Bundles, Subscriptions, Memberships, Live Events, Live Sessions

Teach courses in the format your learners wish to learn in. Offer custom course packages, custom payment plans, bundles, memberships, subscriptions, conduct live large scale events, webinars, or sessions and more.

Limited offering. Or need to buy other solutions and connect.

Super easy to use course builder

By far the easiest course builder tools for launching online courses. Add Videos, PDFs, Prezi Presentations, assessments, and even conduct Live Online Training Sessions! Set course expiry dates to ensure students finish the courses in the stipulated time, and share discount coupons for faster sales.


SSO & Social Sign Ins

Get maximum number of site visitors to convert to sign ups with 1 click sign up feature. Social logins make the signup process super simple. Plus with (Single-Sign on) SSO feature enabled, your tech team can develop their very own SSO connection as well.


Content Piracy Protection

DRM enabled course content protection on laptops and apps to prevent content piracy

Feature not available

Express Checkout

Single click checkout for faster signups and payment collection.

Available on higher plans. Not so easy to setup

Full access to Html/CSS editing environment

Want something custom on your site? Add custom codes to get more out of your website. Customize websites, import page themes and more.

Available on advanced plans

Team members access

Custom roles to manage your business better

Protect your business & data with access control. Set up differentiated access to multiple admins, instructors, site editors, to custom roles such as blog managers, accounting, customer service & blogging roles. Assign specific roles and backend access to specific users.


Live Phone & Chat Support

+ Email Support & vast knowledge base

Support just doesn't get any better than this. Our business specialists and customer success teams are always there to help you with the platform. You can call us, or reach out to us via chat.

Phone support not available

Group Coaching Sessions & Grow Your Business Strategy Webinars

Free access to weekly group coaching sessions & webinars on how to grow your business faster.

Not offered

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Detailed Feature Comparison

Though both the platforms let you create, market, and sell your training & courses online, there are many key differences that have a big impact on your online course business. It’s no wonder, many former Teachable course creators have switched to Knorish.

Course Creation

Knorish & Teachable both offer you their platform to create & sell your online courses/training. You can avail of the unlimited hosting of your course content formats. Using the inbuilt course builder, you can upload your course content such as downloadable pdfs, videos, images in the sections or chapters formats.

Now that you know what’s similar, let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

Site Design & Customization Features

Knorish offers a wide array of website design themes available in the theme library that can be used as a base for your website design. Simply edit the images, texts, and videos and your site is ready.

But there’s more to it. Here are the detailed differences between the two platforms:


Drag and Drop website builder tool

Hundreds of pre-designed snippets and section templates to choose from to quickly design your website and pages.


Custom-site Themes & Course Landing Pages

Yes, 30+ beautiful sales funnel enabled templates, plus more upcoming

Feature not offered – one default theme only.

Beautifully designed mobile first themes


Basic option

Customizable design



Custom HTML/CSS Code

Full access to theme code with the ability to add layouts, sections, pages, fonts, styles & much more.

Via Liquid

Preview Mode and Live Changes

Live preview of your site changes helps you publish the changes you approve of on your site.


Courses, Bundles, Subscriptions & Sessions

Teachable and Knorish both make it easy to create courses online. Both platforms offer unlimited hosting for content like videos, PDFs, and text, and allow you to break up your course content via Sections and chapters. On either platform, chapters can be one piece of content, and some additional downloadable files. But with Knorish, you also get the Page Builder. Offer that complete learning experience. Available in every chapter, you can now add a video, add text, embed files and links, and build a complete page. So no need to break lessons further just to share multiple pieces of content.

Now that we have a sense of what’s similar and also how Knorish offers something different, let’s take a look at how these two platforms offer the options for building courses:


Free Live Zoom Webinars Account License

Yes. Available for FREE on all paid plans.

Feature Not Offered

Course builder

Yes. Easy to use


Course Content Page Builder

Combine videos, embed files, weblinks, add text, images, and much more. Offer that complete learning experience

Not Available

Assignments & Quizzes

You can create easy to upload quiz formats/ objective graded assignments including multimedia, allow multiple attempts. Need even more? You don’t need to integrate any third-party quiz tool.

Unlimited Assessments, instructor controlled number of attempts - 1 or many, timed assessments,

Add images or videos to questions, add hints, and more


Multimedia content

Add multimedia content - Videos, PDFs, embed videos from YouTube/ Vimeo, add Google Docs files, appointment booking tools, forms, etc. without complicated coding.

Multimedia content is available

Drip content

Yes, in Professional and Power Plans

Yes, in the Basic & Professional Plan.

Unlimited Zoom Live/ Concurrent Sessions

Yes. With pre-integrated free zoom account

Separate Zoom account required

Graded Assessments: Pass/Fail



Include Hints


Feature Not Offered

Shuffle Question Order



Copy Site Pages

Yes! Duplicate lessons or site pages within and between courses. This gives an option for the site pages either to be used across multiple courses or site pages converted to perfect landing pages.


Course Page Templates

Right from a blank page, or choose from theme templates you have an option to design your course pages in easy a few clicks entirely by yourself.

Limited Options

Easy to use course builder tool


Not so easy to use

Easily move Course Sections/ Chapters



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Marketing & Sales

Now that your course is ready, it’s time to bring in the students. Learning to market & sell your online courses is an important task of a course creator.

Here’re the similarities in features between the platforms first such as Google Analytics,Mailchimp. Both have drip mail content, provisions for creating discount coupons . Now we’ll help you still deep dive into major differences between the two on the sales & marketing front.


Limit Course Sales



Course expiry/ Time-bound courses/



Bundle Courses


Any combination of the courses can be bundled


SEO Sitemaps

Automatically generated & updated SEO-friendly sitemaps that ensure your site on Knorish is fully search engine friendly.


Custom roles: Specific access to team members

You can assign custom roles, and choose which privileges to grant a user on your site. Setup multiple admins, instructors, site editors, blog managers, accounting, & customer service roles.


Advanced one click Paid Ads & Digital Marketing Integrations:

Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager




Offer upsells on courses post successful purchase. Plus fully customizable site pages and automated course completion emails can further be used to promote your courses.

Course-specific thank-you pages don’t offer completion emails. Hence, you are limited to targeted upsells upfront only.

Discount Coupons

Courses and Bundles

Advanced feature. Setup and offer coupons for each course or in bulk for all courses or bundles. By price or by percentage, by categories, one month, or for extended periods.

You can create any no. of discount offers & win user confidence both in INR & USD currency.


Individual Course Sales Pages

Yes. Easy to create and build. Plus templates available



Advanced Blogging feature is Available on All Paid plans that allow you to create a blog, convert your blog categories as a drop-down, assign blog access to freelancers, etc.

Basic blog feature.

WordPress Connection



Whitelabel your subdomain or domain



Your site as a marketplace of courses


Feature Not Offered

Social Logins

Enable 1 click sign up by learners on your site with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts for great speed & convenience.


Complete white labeling to highlight your brand



Custom Signup Fields

You can request custom information from users while signing up

Capture Whatsapp numbers, phone numbers, addresses and more

Feature Not Available

Having launched my online courses on Knorish in 4 days, I can say with confidence that creating your online courses needs a robust platform as Knorish that is complete with rocking Technology & helpful customer care.

— Shaurya Sinha, Founder- Sleepdepriveddreamers.com

Knorish Vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Student Experience - A Complete Learning Experience

Knorish offers a wide variety of features to students for that complete learning experience. Resume course on any device mobile responsive websites and apps (android and iOS), send automatic email notifications and build email pipelines, and course discussion boards, offer excellent customer support, and many other such features that allow you to interact with your students more effectively.

While both the platforms aspire to create incredible courses and student experiences, Here’s where the platforms differ while delivering incredible student experiences:


Automatic Email Notifications

Yes, you can use the default templates or customize them to create your own student communication. Plus, options to import templates.


Custom branded mobile app for students to learn on the go

Android, iOS & native apps available at no extra cost.

Let your students learn from anywhere in the world with just a click on an app icon.

Not Offered

Would need to hire a developer team to build one.

Resume course on any device

Yes. Auto resume. Plus no buffering. Based on internet speed, video optimizes automatically.


Student Dashboard

Intuitive student dashboard with customizable messaging, and fast access to course content.

Not so engaging experience


Promote new courses, & share product updates with Spotlight.

Feature not available

Mobile Responsive Websites

Yes. Customizable themes. Plus library with a wide number of themes available.


Chat/ Course discussion boards



THE NEXT DIFFERENCE between Knorish and Teachable is that Knorish provides dedicated PHONE, LIVE CHAT, & EMAIL support for all our customers.

If you sign up on our annual plans, the platform even offers you a one-time website design service.

Plus, we respond within a few hours and not days! However, Teachable does not provide dedicated support; rather has only email and Ticket support for customers’ queries which are attended on a first-come-first-served basis.


Phone support


Option Not Offered

Chat Support


Only on Pro and Business plans

Email Support



Support Timelines: First Response

Weekdays: 2 Hours
Weekends: 4 Hours

Longer Response Times

Onboarding Trainig Sessions

Yes, On all plans

Only on top plan

Additional Support Available

Launch preparedness Call, Pririty support and onboarding conclerge for your site on professional and power plans

Only on top plan

Library Resources & Security Features

Besides an extensive Knowledge base, we also offer regular interventions in the form of weekly group coaching sessions, webinars and courses available on Knorish Academy. Something that has helped our creators quickly scale their academy exponentially faster and is not available with Teachable. Plus we share success stories, business strategies, and a lot more.

Teachable only offers email support and their knowledge base.

In terms of site security, both Knorish and Teachable offer security features such as SSL Certificates, SSO (Single Sign-on), and secure cloud hosting to ensure your site is safe and secure.



Better security. Move from HTTP to HTTPS

Free SSL certificates for that added security


DRM Enabled Content protection

Peace of mind guaranteed as students will not be able to download videos from laptop or apps.

Feature not available




Secure Cloud Hosting

Yes. Unlimited Hosting


24/7 Monitoring



Course Payments

Possibly the most important reason for any creator to launch online courses is the sales aspect of it. With the world moving online, selling online courses has now truly become a lucrative business, and rightly so. Knorish has kept this in mind and has several functionalities that address this area.

Here’s a deeper look into the feature differences:


Payment Gateways

Indian Payment Gateways including Instamojo, PhonePe, Paytm, Razorpay & CCAvenue and International payment gateways - Paypal, Stripe & CCAvenue UAE

Additional tools and integrations needed

Collect payments in INR & USD

Automatic. No inputs required to enable this.

Not available for INR. Additional tools needed

Collect Payment via PayTm, PhonePe, Other digital wallets, UPI, net banking, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

Yes. Default Options

Not possible without additional integrations

Earnings & Transactions

One of the core benefits of using Knorish is that we offer you the ability to collect payments in Indian Rupees . Something that is not available on Teachable..


Earnings & Transactions

Detailed analytics & insights available for earnings from courses, bundles


Earnings details in INR


Feature Not Offered

Set up Auto Payouts

Super easy to setup


GST Invoices



Automatic GST Invoice Generation



We truly believe that Knorish offers a wide variety of features and support that is not available with Teachable or any other platform for that matter. Additionally, our team is constantly working on releasing new features that help our users scale their academies even further.

Loved & trusted by 40,000+ academies

you need to grow your online business without hiring large teams or multiple tools

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I have finally found a platform where I don’t have to worry about designing or coding anymore. I can start right away upload my content & sell it within a couple of minutes. Good job!

Mrs. Binita Srinivasa, Former Beauty Queen, Founder - Visionara Academy

Great question! We obviously think Knorish is pretty cool, but we’re here to give you an honest answer:

The best platform choice comes down ultimately to what’s the requirement at your end.

If you’re looking for an all-round platform that makes it simple to conduct your online business, has dedicated and world-class customer service, and is affordable whether you’re just starting or growing fast, then we have built Knorish just for entrepreneurs like you.

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Since features and support are constantly changing, this analysis was accurate to the best of our knowledge as of January 2021.

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