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Partner with Knorish to launch online courses for your network, followers, and beyond. Designed to amplify your influence and brand, when you partner with Knorish and launch your courses, we enable its exponential growth and outreach that empowers millions across the world to learn a new skill. 

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A new revenue channel

A brand new business

Whether you’re a celebrity or a prominent influencer, when you partner with Knorish, you get to launch your own online academy based on your expertise and passion. Our team writes the content and designs the site as per your brand expressions.

Brand new income source

Digital presence that fits your audience

We’ll custom design your academy website, logo, course and landing pages, social media accounts, and other digital assets that your audience will simply love. Plus we also set up the sales funnels needed to ensure there’s exponential growth in the business. 

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Your content and courses

Most platinum partners prefer sharing their course content. Our team will craft your messaging, shape content into bite sized content and launch courses in your academy. But just in case, you want our help in creating content for the courses, we’ve got you covered.

Scaled by Knorish

Business entirely managed & scaled by Knorish

From sales, marketing, customer support, and everything else, our dedicated team of account managers, and marketing experts at Knorish manage the entire business with a single goal in mind - exponential growth of your online academy. 

Frequently Asks & Questions

Ans. Celebrities and influencers that we partner with must have a proven track record, recognition, expertise and a significant fan following. We value quality over quantity, so there is a delicate balance between your expertise and your influence. Apply Now to learn more and get started. 

Ans. Apply Now and our team will review the application. Once approved, our team of business specialists will reach out to you to discuss the business proposition further.

Ans. Once the business terms and conditions are formally agreed upon, we follow it up with ideation on branding, website design, and course creation. Post the brand launch, our team of dedicated account managers and growth experts will have monthly discussions to ensure your academy gets the growth it deserves.

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Monetize Your Influence And Expertise From Your Branded Online Website & App

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